DATIA Exam System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated April, 2015

A. Using the Online System

What is my Login and Password?

When your new or recertification application is processed, usually within 10 business days of your submitting it, we email a login and password to the person listed as the contact for the results. Your login and username is your CP-ID#, which appears on your printed renewal form. (It is a five digit number.) Your initial password is a nine-digit/letter combination in the format of XXXX-XXXX, both uppercase letters and numbers. Passwords are case sensitive.

How do I find out if I am registered in the exam system?

Key Certification Links
Pre-exam Questions
Verify User's Information
Exam Login
Policies and Procedures
Rules and Regulations
New Specimen Collector Application
Recertification Form
Password Reset
Main DATIA Standards Page

Go to this link for the Exam Applicants User Information Page

I lost my password, how do I get it?

First, check to be sure you are in the system correctly (a correct email is the most important), and then you can click reset on this page.

It has been longer than 1 week since I submitted the form online, what can I do?

Please first check to be sure your junk email box does not contain any email adress ending with @datia.org. If this do not solve the issue, please go to the User Information page.. If you are still having issues, please contact info@datia.org.


B. Recertification Questions

When does my Certification Expire?

All certifications expire June 1st of each year. Certfied collectors will have a grace period until July 1st for certification expiration. After this date, though your certification will lapse, your certification will be renewed as soon as you take and pass the exam.

C. Pre-Exam Questions

What are the instructions for the online exam?

The instructions for the exam are listed when you login to take the exam.

Further, please follow the instructions in the DATIA Exam Scheduling email which state that your exam will begin when you login, and that you will have seven hours to complete the exam.

How many questions are there, and how many can I miss?

There are 75 questions for the CPCT exam, 50 questions for the CPC exam and 39 questions of the DER exam. You must receive a score of 80% or better to be certified.

When and how will I receive my exam result?

Three ways. Your exam result will appear: 1) immediately at the conclusion of the exam, 2) they are emailed to you for written confirmation, including the questions that were missed, if any, and 3) are available online by logging on and viewing the PDF.

D. Post-Exam Questions

If I fail the exam, what is the next step?

You may take the CPC or CPCT exams three times per exam year. You may take the DER exam two times per exam year. You can use the same login and password for all attempts. If you fail the exam the alotted number of times, you must wait until the beginning of the next certification year (September 1) to re-register for the exam.

How do I make an appeal for special circustances or to appeal a question on the exam?

To make an appeal, please send an email with the subject line: Certification Exam Appeal to kristina@datia.org. Your Appeal will be reviewed by the Education/Standards Commitee and you will hear back within approximately two weeks.

Can I have a copy of the full text of the questions and answers?

Each exam applicant receives a copy of their exam by the three means above, listing the question and the result that they provided, and whether it was correct or not. We cannot provide full text of all of the questions and answers, as it would compromise the exam's integrity, since we allow applicants to take the exam multiple times in the exam year.

Are my Certification exam results confidential?

Yes, they are only provided to the main company contact and the person whose email is listed for the result.

Where can I find rules and procedures for Certification?

At this Link here.

E. DATIA Course Attendees

I took the DATIA CPCT course recently, do I have to pay for the online exam?

If you took the DATIA CPCT course (in person) within the past 60 days, you do not have to pay for a CPCT exam. Please contact us at certification@datia.org if you have not received your login information for the CPCT exam.