Instructions (copy)

(which will appear at the beginning of the exam)

This is an exam administered for a Certified Professional Collector (CPC™) and Certified Professional Collector Trainer (CPCT™) in Urine and Alternative Specimens (or Urine only if for that exam).

Please read carefully before starting:

1. There are a total of 50-75 questions on the exam
2. At the bottom of each question/page users will see a drop-down box listing a question next to the "review" button. Users can pull up any question already answered and go back and review it (and adjust the answer) anytime during the exam. This can be done by selecting the question the user wishes to view and hitting "review." Before submitting the exam for grading there is a "review" button which allows all users to review every exam question answered. Once the user is satisfied with the answer choices then the exam can be submitted for grading.
3. You have up to 7 hours to complete the test.
4. You will receive an exam result immediately at the conclusion of this exam, and then you will be emailed one also, for a written record. At the conclusion of the exam you will see a list of any incorrectly answered questions.
5. Be sure to add to your address book to receive our email.
6. Should you fail the exam, you may take it twice within a 60 day period.
7. You may not recieve help from any other person in answering any question on this exam.

You may review the Certification program's rules and regulations at

You should also review the Exam Frequently Asked Questions